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Liquidix has announced that they will be eliminating their 30% deposit fee and referral commissions in the near future.  It will happen sometime in the Spring of 2024.  Wait until after they remove the deposit fee to avoid the 6 month wait to break even from their 30% deposit fee.  I will update my website and make a new video to let you know when that is going to happen as soon as they announce the date.

 Earn About 7% Profit Every Month With Liquidix

What Is Liquidix?


Liquidix is an investment fund that earns profit from crypto trading fees.  Liquidix makes consistent profits in an up or down market.

Liquidix uses proprietary AI Bot technology to automate liquidity mining on the largest decentralized crypto exchange Uniswap.  It sounds complicated but it's actually very simple.  Liquidix makes profits whenever someone exchanges one crypto for another on Uniswap.  It's very similar to a stock brokerage making a small profit on every stock trade that they facilitate.  Other companies have tried to do liquidity mining funds, but could not handle the volume of trades.  Liquidix can handle the volume of millions of transactions which makes them very sustainable for the future. 

  • Earn an average of 7% Compounding interest per month
  • liquidix is backed 1:1 with an insurance pool of funds
  • withdrawal you principal and Profits at any time

Who Is The Founder Of Liquidix?

Alex Meurer is a famous crypto investor and Bitcoin trader.  He has a YouTube Channel dedicated to trading Bitcoin under the name AMCrypto.  Alex has founded several success crypto investment projects.  Click the pictures below to visit his YouTube Channel.  Alex only talks about trading Bitcoin and not about Liquidix on his YouTube Channel.  To see the story of how Alex founded Liquidix, please watch the Liquidix Overview Video at the top of this page.

My Liquidix Profits Since I Joined In April 2023

Liquidix Profits All Time

Liquidix Profit Calculator

Liquidix Sign Up Referral Link

Watch this video walkthrough to learn how to Sign Up for Liquidix

To deposit funds into Liquidix, you will need USDT in either the TRC20 Tron Network Format or the BEP20 Binance Smart Chain Network Format. 

Start Earning Huge Profits

The longer you leave your money in Liquidix, the more compound interest you will earn.  Liquidix can generate huge amounts of life changing passive income. 


Withdraw Profits

Watch This Withdrawal Tutorial To Learn How To Withdraw Profits.

Liquidix Withdrawals take 24-48 hours and there is a 3% withdrawal fee.  You will withdrawal USDT into your crypto exchange and form there you can sell it for cash and withdraw the cash to your bank account.

Liquidix Official Telegram Channel

Liquidix Telegram Customer Support