High Yield Savings Account

Having a cash position as part of your portfolio can be very important, especially in a bear market.  If you are going to have a cash position, you should be earning as much interest as possible on that cash.  For many investments, such as real estate, you need proof of funds to show them your liquid assets.  You will need official bank statements or stock brokerage statements that you can’t get with crypto exchanges or crypto investment funds.  

The High Yield Saving Account that I recommend is at the Bank UFB Direct.   The currently offer a savings High Yield Savings Account with 5.25% APR and no fees.  They all offer a Money Market Account with the same 5.25% APR and the ability to write checks, but that account has a $5,000 minimum to avoid their monthly fee of $10.  Click the logo below to visit their website and sign up.