Blockchain Sports - Limitless

Blockchain Sports is an incredible new project that could generate profits for the rest of you life and beyond.  You could pass this valuable asset down to your family after you are gone.  Please watch my two overview videos to lean about Blockchain Sports and Limitless.

Before you sign up for this project, you will need access to a Tron Wallet on either your phone or your computer.  A normal Centralized Exchange and some Web 3 wallets like Meta Mask will not work.  Please use one of the following two videos to lean how to sign up for a Tron Link Wallet for Free.  Once you have your Tron Link Wallet set up, you will need to send a little Tron TRX to your wallet pay the wallet transaction fees and you wall also need to send some USDT TRC20 to your Tron Link Wallet to be able to buy the Founders Packs on the Limitless website. 

After you sign up for a Tron Wallet and send a little Tron TRX and however much USDT TRC20 you need to buy the package you want, you will be ready to sign up for Blockchain Sports through the Limitless Website 

Copy And Paste My Referral Link Into The Tronlink Browser