In order to participate in most of my passive income investments, you need access to a crypto exchange account or a crypto wallet.  They are both easy to sign up for and open up a world of financial possibilities.  

Get A Crypto Exchange Account

If you live in the United States, I recommend crypto exchange because they have no fees for deposits or withdraws, low crypto trading fees, and they have the crypto formats needed to deposit into Liquidix and many other investment opportunities. Sign Up Link

Outside the United States I Recommend Sign Up Link

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You Need A Private Crypto Wallet Too

Crypto Wallets are great for holding your crypto in your own personally wallet instead of on a centralized exchange.  It is safer and you have much more privacy and control with your crypto funds inside of a private wallet but the transaction fees are typicaly higher than on centralzied exchanges.  I recommend the most popular private crypto wallet in the world: Exodus wallet.  They have a phone app and computer app and many types of crypto assets to choose from.  You can use a debit card to deposit funds into your crypto wallet, but you can not withdrawal cash from your crypto wallet to your bank account.  you will need a centralized crypto exchange to cash out your crypto to your bank account.

Exodus Wallet Sign Up Link

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Email with your funding service quests.